Types of Tutoring programs for college students

Types of Tutoring programs for college students

Tutoring is the support offered to students to enhance their learning. Most

students are enrolled in tutoring programs to complement their normal class

learning. Some people see tutoring as a very efficient remedy for academic

deficiencies, while others think it is detrimental to the academic success of the


Types of tutoring programs

There are a variety of tutoring programs available for college students

today. These include peer, professional and online tutoring. Most colleges have

peer tutoring programs conducted by student tutors to enhance their students’

academic performance. The tutors assist students in understanding subjects that

are difficult for them. Usually student tutors are supposed to be diligent and be

able to balance between their own course work and the task of tutoring. Before

they are accepted as tutors, they are supposed to meet minimum conditions, for

instance they should be full time students of good character and have no criminal

record, and they should also have done the course that they are tutoring on.

Peer tutoring is mostly preferred by many students. This is because the

tutors clearly understand the difficulties that the students are facing since they

also went through them. Students also feel freer to fully express their problems to

a peer tutor as opposed to professional tutors. Peer tutoring is also cheaper

compared to other tutoring programs (Topping 4).

Challenges of peer tutoring include lack of sufficient time to conduct the

sessions. Students may be forced to miss some activities like games or lunch in

order to attend the tutoring session. They may also miss other classes if they

conduct the session during class time.

Professional tutoring services are available outside the colleges. Students

enroll in these tutoring institutions and attend sessions during their free time, for

instance on weekends and in the evening. Advantages of professional tutoring

are that they can help in subject matters that are too difficult for peer tutors.

These tutors also have a lot of experience. However, these services are



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