V 160-Implications of President Trump’s climate policy for the US

V 160-Implications of President Trump’s climate policy for the US

For the purpose of completing this assignment, each group is required to review the article “The US Is the Biggest Carbon Polluter in History: It Just Walked Away From the Paris Climate Deal” and three additional internet sources on the Paris Climate Change Agreement. Against this backdrop, each group is required to submit a two single-spaced pages long POLICY REVIEW organized as follows:


Provide a summary of the main provisions of the Paris Climate Change Agreement. In comparison to the other climate change agreements discussed in class, discuss the significance of the Paris Climate Change Agreement (2 paragraphs).

Part I: Trump’s Policy Rationale

Summarize the Trump Administration’s rationale or justification for withdrawing the United States from the Paris Climate Change Agreement. Based on your review of publications on the above international treaty, discuss the role of domestic politics and domestic interest groups in President Trump’s policy (2 paragraphs).  

Part II: Policy Critique

Provide critical analysis of the economic and political implications of President Trump’s climate policy for the United States.  Considering US status as a major industrial nation and “the biggest polluter in history,” reflect on the potential impact of President Trump’s policy on the sustainability of the Paris treaty and global climate change (2 paragraphs).

Please, limit your policy review essay to two singe-spaced pages. Provide a list of works consulted for this assignment. Points will be awarded for clarity, thoroughness and good organization.

The United States, with its love of big cars, big houses and blasting air-conditioners, has

contributed more than any other country to the atmospheric carbon dioxide that is

scorching the planet.

“In cumulative terms, we certainly own this problem more than anybody else does,” said

David G. Victor, a longtime scholar of climate politics at the University of California,

San Diego. Many argue that this obligates the United States to take ambitious action to

slow global warming.

But on Thursday, President Trump announced the United States would withdraw from a

195-nation agreement on climate change reached in Paris in 2015.

The decision to walk away from the accord is a momentous setback, in practical and

political terms, for the effort to address climate change.


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