We learn more about management through popular culture than we do through academic courses

We learn more about management through popular culture than we do through academic courses.

Answer (all) questions. Write an essay response to the questions.

Your answer should be in the form of an argument either for or

against the proposition. When constructing your argument you

should make sure that you define your terms, that the reader knows

your position and that you justify your statements.

Popular culture refers to a collection of ideas, attitudes and perspectives that are instilled in

the lives of people in the society mainly through the media. People understand management

better from popular culture than reading management books or taking management courses.

They learn about management from fiction books, film, television and music. Numerous fiction

stories, poems and movies provide invaluable management knowledge. Popular culture covers

various management issues such as bureaucracy, challenges faced by employees, working

conditions in various industries and conflicts at the workplace. Popular culture portrays these

ideas better than any management book. The stories in popular culture reflect the life and culture

in which people live. People in popular culture reflect the lives of real people. People also learn

about management from music. Many musicians incorporate management ideas in their songs.

Popular culture is more effective than academic courses in passing on management

information. This is because popular culture tells stories as they happen in real life while

management books portray the workplace as perfect. Academic courses teach people that if they

follow certain steps, they will end up with a perfect organization where everything runs

smoothly. However, this is not true as organizations are not perfect. Many management books

have been published and they all provide steps to solve management problems. However, people

do not seem to get solutions to their problems and therefore, more books continue to be written

providing different advice. Popular culture teaches better as it gives a clear picture of what really

happens at the workplace. Therefore, anyone who really wants to understand management should

turn to popular culture instead of relying on academic courses.


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