What are some of the copyright concerns when it comes to publishing on the web?

What are some of the copyright concerns when it comes to publishing on the web?

Initially, copy rights were developed to give a publisher the right to publish or copy a

given piece of work written work. Over time, these copy rights have been extended to provide

rights to software developers and writers, painters, authors, film producers, photographers among

others. However, ICT and digital information specialists are concerned because online content

users’ attitudes are infringing on artists, authors, and publishers’ copyrights. For this reason,

experts in these fields are calling for stronger intellectual property (IP) and copyrights legal

frameworks (Information World Review, 2010). This calling follows increased concerns that

information published on the web is being endangered by the prevalent attitude of users that,

online information is or should be free (Information World Review, 2010). Therefore, they are

agitating for actions and policies geared towards eradication of the myth that online information

is free and thus deal with some of the copyright concerns when it comes to publishing on the


Players in the publishing industry argue that the internet has had mixed implications on

the industry. While the internet has opened up new opportunities that were hitherto unimagined,

it has also presented a mammoth threat to the publishing industry. Even though, information,

communication and digital technologies have facilitated faster propagation of information and

access to new audiences, it has reduced business in areas that rely on the internet for information.

The unfortunate loss of business in areas that depend on the web for information has been cause

by an unprecedented proliferation of file sharing websites. The file-sharing websites enables

online content users to download copyrighted content without paying for it or authority of the

publisher or author. For instance, in 2010, Future Publishing reported there more than fifty file-

sharing websites with complete T3 magazine content- one of those sites accounted for 9,000

unlawful downloads (Information World Review, 2010).


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