What are the development goals for Millennials?

What are the development goals for Millennials?

Goal for the Paper: To prove that millennials made a huge effect on social change in America

Pages: 8-10

First Page (Introduction):

They’re “lazy, narcissistic, selfish, and shallow” the millennials you are thinking of are actually the most racially and ethnically diverse generation ever. Due to immigration factors, millennials are more receptive to other cultures and are able to have an open mind to other principles and beliefs. Also in demographically, 56% of Millennials are white compared to 73% of Baby Boomers while the percentage of the Black and Hispanic population increased. Let us not forget that they are more into self-expression in a positive way than any other generation. Being born in the technology world and dominating the social media universe, they have become multi-tasking machines. Although, this could be for better or worse, it has help spread the news and even save lives every day but has also ended them. Either way, technology use is what makes this generation unique. Morals have changed over time as well, such as trends in marriage and parenthood. 59% of millennials claims more single women deciding to have children, 32% of them said more gay couples raising children, and 5% of millennials said more people of different races marrying each other are bad things. That percentage was higher in the Boomer and Silent Generations. Millennials are people who were born from the year of 1982-1998. Millennials have taken the works by storm, prompting many of the social changes in today’s society. This group has affected many of the ideologies, thoughts and values our society holds dear. Most generations, like the people, have ‘personalities’, and Millennials have begun to create their own legacy through the personality traits exhibited through self-expression, their openness to change, and confidence. Most millennials are less likely to serve in the military and are currently on their way to being one of the most overly educated generation in the history of America. Though their job opportunities have been set back greatly by the Recession, their upbeat personality traits to persevere can somewhat guarantee a successful economic future. This group of people are widely admired as history’s first “connected” generation through the embodiment of their multiple modes of self-expression.

Questions to be answered in the Paper:

1.     What are the development goals for Millennials?

2.     Does Millennials give a positive or negative aspect in social change?

3.     Will Millennials combat the “isms” such as racism and sexism?

4.     Will Millennials help end the spread of stereotypes?

5.     How will Millennials affect the political landscape due to social change?

6.     Are millennials another “lost generation”?

7.     How does the media affect millennials?

8.     How are the millennials compared to the earlier generation? Is it getting any better?

9.     How is the education system with millennials involved? Has it improved?

10.  How has pop culture shaped millennials?


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  2. “Millennial Rising: The Next Generation” – Neil Howe, William Strauss
  3. “The Kids Are All Left” – TIME Magazine
  4. “America Must Invest In Its Next Generations” – Jean Accius, Jarmin Christine Yeh
  5. “DESIGNING learning for Millennials” – Akanksha Sharma


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