What are the pros and cons of outsourcing Human Capital Management (HCM) Activities?

What are the pros and cons of outsourcing Human Capital Management (HCM) Activities?

HCM refers to an approach to staffing that sees employees as human capital or assets whose

present value can be determined and whose potential value can be improved via investment.

HCM is an essential part of ERP that manages workers records (Snell & Bohlander, 2012).

These records provide management with the information it requires in order to make critical

decisions based on reliable data. Outsourcing important functions of a company can enables it to

reduce costs, improve savings and thus enhance its cumulative profits.

First, outsourcing HCM allows an organization to concentrate on core activities. As

organizational operations increase, employees often get engaged in non-core activities at the

expense of core activities. Outsourcing HCM allows resources and time spent on staffing

activities to be redirected towards strategic areas and focusing on core activities becomes easier

(Snell & Bohlander, 2012). Second, outsourcing HCM enables an organization to access

superior HR IT systems at lower costs. These systems enable managers to access employee

records easily any time. Thirdly, Outsourcing HCM enhances increased flexibility and quick

response via third party HCM professionals. Finally, outsourcing enhances improvement of

employee-employer relationship. However, irrespective of the numerous benefits that an

organization derives from outsourcing HCM it can make managers to lose control. It can also

adversely impact on the employee-employer relationship if handled without care. Outsourcing

HCM also increases the risk of making an organization to get caught up in unfavourable

contractual agreements (Snell, & Bohlander, 2012). This is likely to happen if an organization

seeks services of an external HR expert without fully understanding what they are outsourcing,

as well as, contractual technicalities.

Write a short note on features of General Ledger/ Payables/ Purchasing/ Order

Management module.

General Ledger is at the core of ERP accounting applications. They have the responsibility of

enhancing the representation of all outside accounting. Major features of General Ledger include

simultaneous maintainance of all financial balances in one balanced ledger (Meer, 2005). They

should automatically harmonize detail balances, summary balances, and journals by the posting



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