What ethical guidelines could help an American business manager

What ethical guidelines could help an American business manager working in another country decide whether she should engage in behavior that is ethical where she works but unethical in the United States?
-provide answer(s) to the problem, and include rationale for your decision(s)

An American business manager may be in a dilemma on whether to adhere to the locals’

ethical standards in the foreign country or apply the ethical principles accepted in the US. One of

the principles that could guide the American manager is respect for core human values

(Donaldson, 2003). Thus, whatever decisions the manager makes, he should ensure that he

respects human dignity, people’s fundamental rights, and good citizenship. He must recognize

the locals’ value as human beings, treat them in a manner that respects their fundamental rights,

and improve and support the communities’ institutions. The manager can respect human dignity

by developing a corporate culture where suppliers, workers, and customers are not considered a

means to an end. He can also respect their fundamental rights by ensuring that the corporation

does not engage in relationships that infringe on people’s right to safety, health, and education.

He can also support community institutions such as schools.

Another guiding principle is respect for local traditions. For instance, in the US,

exchanging gifts when doing business may be considered bribery, but this practice is acceptable

in the Japanese culture (Donaldson, 2003). Thus, the manager should tolerate such cultural

practices when working in other countries. Another guiding principle is considering context

when determining what is wrong or right. For example, in the US, paying low wages may be

perceived as unethical, while this practice may be considered ethical in third world countries if it

improves people’s living standards and fosters investment. The manager can achieve these goals

by adhering to several guidelines such as treating corporate norms and values as absolutes,


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