What is meant by ‘brand personality’?

What is meant by ‘brand personality’?

Write an essay of no more than 2500 words answering the following questions.

What is meant by ‘brand personality’? How is this concept useful for marketers for brand management? Illustrate your answer with examples of your choice.

Brand Personality

In today’s competitive world, companies are spending a lot of money on marketing and

advertising activities in order to set themselves apart from their competition and influence the

purchase decisions of the consumers. Consumers make decisions to purchase a particular brand

based on the associations they have with the brand. One of the ways to achieve brand

differentiation is through the development of a distinctive brand personality. Brand personality

refers to assigning of human characteristics to brands in order to differentiate them. These human

characteristics symbolize the behavior of the brand. Marketers need to match their branding

activities with the interests of the consumers. Aaker developed a framework to explain the brand

personality dimensions in 1997. The personality dimensions of brands include sincerity,

competence, ruggedness, excitement and sophistication. This paper explores the concept of brand

personality and its similarities to human personality. Moreover, various brand personality

dimensions together with their facets and traits are discussed. Finally, the importance of brand

personality to marketers in the management of brands is explored.

Brand Personality

Brand personality involves the personification of a brand. It refers to the consumers’

emotional connection with a particular brand (Malar, Krohmer, Hoyer & Nyffenegger, 2011).

According to Azoulay and Kapferer (2003), brand personality refers to a group of human

personality traits which are relevant and applicable to brands. Brand personality is developed

over time and it includes all the experiences the consumer has had with the brand. These

experiences create an overall idea in the mind of the consumer on what the brand can offer.

Brand personality is one of the components of a brand image. The rest of the components include

the brand attributes and consequences.


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