What was Revolutionary about the American Revolution and What was not?

What was Revolutionary about the American Revolution and What was not?

Whether the American Revolution was revolutionary or not is debatable. In as much as the American Revolution War (1775-1783) brought about political transformation and some social change, there are concerns as to whether such claims of being revolutionary are true. Based on the impacts of the American Revolution War on various groups of people, the revolution could be viewed as revolutionary or non-revolutionary depending on the socio-cultural group where one came from. For the poor Whites living in the south, the American Revolution War was revolutionary because it brought about the equality of American elites with the British elites and gave them political authority to push for economic interests (Passant 22).  On the other hand, for the marginalized groups such as the Black slaves, Native Americans, and women regardless of their race, the American Revolution was not revolutionary because it did not bring about social transformative change that was beneficial to them. In fact, many viewed the war as unjust, as it disrupted the intercultural co-existence. The American Revolution was not a complete revolution because it failed to bring about significant social transformation in the society(Frazer35).

What was Revolutionary about the American Revolution?             The American Revolution was revolutionary in the sense that it led to the declaration of independence in America. In fact, it marked the first colonies in the world to declare independence from the British colonizers. The Americans fought for their liberty and began to establish political processes that were self-governing in the colonies (Frazer 36). Patterson and Nathan (8) argue that the American Revolution was revolutionary in the way the American soldiers fought for their liberty, rights, and political authority that the colonial masters had enjoyed with aggression for many years. After long periods of oppression by the British government and British merchants, the American Revolution was a self-defense for their self-determination. The declaration of independence was, therefore, indicative of revolutionary political and administrative changes in the American history


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