What will be the future history of the process of globalization?

What will be the future history of the process of globalization?

A. Required Analytic Essay: 
We know that globalization is a process, something we can think of as a work in progress. To answer this question, take on the perspective of someone deeply influenced by this process. Please choose one of the following perspectives: 
• A refugee or undocumented immigrant in the US (identify where you’ve come from and how you’re positioned by gender, age, class, religion and racial ethnic identity)
• An Asian or European businessperson (identify where you live and what you do)
After you have identified the perspective from which you are writing, articulate what globalization has meant to you in the persona you have identified:
• Why has globalization been important to you as a member of a particular community (and, where relevant, organization/ company)?
• How has it affected your recent life (and, where relevant, your organization/ company), and what future impacts do you anticipate?
Then answer the following questions, also from the perspective of the persona:
• What social contexts will shape your identity as a global citizen?
• What will be the future history of the process of globalization?
• What do you see continuing from the recent past, and what changes do you expect from that past?
• How will your particular social group (or, where relevant, organization/ company) fare in the future?
• What will your group (or, where relevant, organization/ company) have to do to position itself strategically to benefit from the coming changes?
For work situation I need you to use these recourses
Human Rights
Name of the article : “Why don’t they just play by the rules?” Myths and Facts about U.S. Immigration Policy
Excerpt from Islam Is a Foreign Country: American Muslims and the Global Crisis of Authority
How to Speak Like You Understand Refugee Resettlement



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