What would a sustainable world look like?

What would a sustainable world look like?

Write a paper that responds to the questions:
(1) What would a sustainable world look like?
(2) How could the most innovative practices of today be expanded into a global sustainable model in the future? (3) Which concepts from the books Cradle to Cradle and Ecological Intelligence are most relevant to the creation of a sustainable world?
(4) How can I, the writer of this paper, assume personal responsibility in my life to help build the sustainable world I envision?

The paper should consist of the following components:
(1) Depict of a sustainable world: Imagine the world in 30 years, starting with a representation of yourself in that world. What are you doing? Where do you live? How do you spend your time? How does the world function around you? Consider describing: home, transportation, communication, energy, education, entertainment, etc.,
(2) Supersize a current application of sustainable design: Select an example of an innovative eco-conscious business practice being implemented today, and describe it in detail. Then, explain how this example could be developed into a model for the sustainable world you envision. Elaborate, expand, or innovate.
(3) Explain relevant textual concepts: Identify a set of concepts from both texts assigned during the Sustainability Unit that are relevant to your application and vision. Explain these concepts in depth and show how they relate to components (1) and (2).
(4) Empower yourself with personal responsibility: Reflect on your own role in creating the world you envision. Articulate a set of clear, practical action steps that you plan to take over the course of the next 30 years of your life to do your part in realizing the vision you have for a sustainable future.

Hint: Exercise your imagination and dream courageously!

To ensure the continuity of humanity, we have to develop a sustainable

world. Sustainability is divided into environmental, economic and social

sustainability. Environmental sustainability is attained through ensuring that the

processes that people are involved with use up the natural resources at a rate at

which they can be replaced naturally. Economic sustainability involves

distributing and allocating the natural resources fairly to ensure economic growth

while ensuring that we do not exhaust the resources.


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