Who were the women reformers? What was their intent?

Who were the women reformers? What was their intent?

Drawing from your reading, film, web, and lecture materials essay on the following:

In accessing 19 century reform, Reverend William Mitchell, in 1835, commented:

“This is a soul-stirring and will be so recorded in the time.” Countless reformers

agreed and were awash with efforts to bring about change. A sisterhood of reforms

characterized the American character and mission and in all this, women played a

significant role. In fact Reverend remarked in 1836, It is to female influence and

exertion that many of our best schemes of charity are due.” Women worked

tirelessly for each of the reforms, in particular the anti-slavery crusade, in attempt to

create a new moral and ethical order. However they did so within the confines of the

limits set for them by men, whose liberalism and willingness to accept the works of

women stopped short at the barriers of traditions and prejudice. Women, then bent

on testing the principles of liberty and equality, directed their attention to acquiring

for themselves some of the freedom of opportunity they sought others. And thus the

American Women’s Suffrage Movement was born.

Who were the women reformers? What was their intent? What lessons did they

learn through their activism? How did women begin to see themselves in

relationship to conventional institutions in society? What other influencing factors

or ideas compelled them to work for change in the American society? Where did

they believe that change should take place? What was their resolve? And how was

that resolve articulated? Did that resolve include all women in America at the time?

How did their call for changes in society for women differ from that of Margaret

Fuller? How did the society respond to their call for civil and political rights for

women? Were there any women victories? In looking at reform and the impending

Civil War , did the women reformers accomplish what they intended? If so How? If

not Why not? What legacy did the reformers leave for future generations of



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