Why schools have stopped teaching civic education

Why schools have stopped teaching civic education

Write it on civic education – reasons why schools have stopped
teaching it, how minorities are not usually involved even with civics
ed. WHY? how white kids are involved and participate with regards to
civics ed, reasons to teach it and some teaching methods. Please write
only about students and issues in the USA. No Charts or graphs.
Reference page does not count in the 12 pages. Title page either. APA
style. instead of an outline, can you write an abstract?

Civic education is necessary for every citizen to be able to perform the

required obligations in a democracy. However, the teaching of civic education in

schools has declined. This discussion aims to shed light on the current situation

of civic education in the United States. The reasons why the teaching of this

subject is being neglected are explored. Moreover, the differences in the way

white and minority students participate in civic education are discussed. The

paper also examines the importance of teaching this subject in schools and the

best methods that can be used to efficiently pass on this knowledge to the



Civic education arms students with the necessary knowledge and skills in

order for them to be able to take part in the activities that citizens in a democracy

are involved with. It enables them to exercise their civil liberties and carry out

their responsibilities as future responsible citizens. In addition, it prepares the

young people for the roles of leading their country or participating in the country’s

political activities. Civic education also aims to bond the youth and their country.

It teaches the youth not to be self-centered but also be concerned about the

welfare of their society and country as a whole. Moreover, it teaches them to be

loyal to their country and be ready to defend it at all times. Therefore, it is

important that this subject is adequately represented in the school curriculum.


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