Why there is no sex education in schools for teens in the Middle East

Why there is no sex education in schools for teens in the Middle East

An essay to argue about (why there is no sex education in
schools for teens in the middle east). answer the following questions:
1- Why don’t we teach sex education in school in an appropriate way,
instead of letting the kids explore about it in an inappropriate way?
,, 2- A common disease like “Sexually transmitted disease”, why we are
not aware of it? ,, 3- Some parents feel shy to talk with their kids
about sex, who is responsible of teaching them?

Sex education involves giving instructions about human sexuality and human sexual behavior

including reproduction, reproductive health and rights, sexual anatomy, and sexual intercourse, among

others. This education enables the youth to be aware of matters regarding their sexuality and to engage in

informed and responsible sexual practices. It also helps them to understand how to handle various

problems related to sexuality including masturbation, menstruation, sexually transmitted diseases, and

irresponsible sex practices. This discussion looks at the state of sex education in the Middle East and the

reasons why it is neglected. The roles of teachers and parents in imparting sex education are also


Sex education in the Middle East

There is inadequate sex education in the Middle East. Most communities in Middle East are

Muslims and sex is a taboo subject in Islam. In this region, there are taboos preventing the open discussion

of sexual matters. The youth are not supposed to have sexual relationships before marriage. People from

the Middle East feel that if they teach sex education to the youth, it will encourage them to engage in

premarital sex. They think that sexual immorality will increase if the youth are taught how to prevent

sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancies. They highly value the preservation of virginity until

marriage. They also do not see the need for educating youths on matters of sex since they are not yet

married and therefore, are not expected to be sexually active (Ilkkaracan 2008). However, sex education

does not encourage premarital sex but discourages it as the youth will be well informed of the dangers of

engaging in it. It also encourages them to have safe sex practices.


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