Youth bulge in Yemen and its detrimental effects

Youth bulge in Yemen and its detrimental effects

You are writing these policy research papers in order to analyze a particular issue and make policy

recommendations. Address your paper to a person or to an agency (e.g., President Obama, Ban Ki-Moon,

the U.S. Air Force, the International Committee of the Red Cross, whomever) and make your

recommendations realistic as to what that person or agency can accomplish. Don’t be vague and say

things like “reduce greenhouse gas emissions” or “achieve world peace”– how would you recommend this

be done? The more specific your recommendations, the better. I should be able to send your completed

paper to the addressee, have him or her read it, and understand what they have to do.

Choose a country that faces an environmental security issue (or population or globalization). Since

you have been keeping up with your reading and current events, you have (almost) the whole world to

choose from. Remember the theories and topics you read about, and what we discussed in class. If you

have not already selected a research topic, the New York Times country pages are a good place to start

trolling for issues. You should structure your paper according to the following format:

Section I – Background

Describe the issue and its history in the country/region. Is this a new issue, or an ongoing problem?

Why? What are the causes of the problem, both environmental and social/political?

Section II – Analysis

Describe why your issue is important from a security perspective, not merely as an environmental issue.

Remember that you are working with an expanded definition of security (go back to the readings for the

first class) and consider how the issue can affect the security of the nation/region and its key alliances and


Section III – Options

What sorts of options does your person/agency/government have in addressing this issue? (“Do

Nothing” may be an option as well.) List the pros and cons of each option, environmental, economic, and


Section IV – Recommendations

Which option do you recommend and why? How do you mitigate the negatives associated with that


You need to cite any fact or argument that is not original (footnotes are preferable to endnotes) and

you should use academic references like journal articles, books, and newspaper articles. Wikipedia is NOT

an academic source, nor necessarily is any random web page – make sure your information comes from a

reliable source. You should have at least 10 references; make sure you have a variety of sources and that

they are relatively up to date. Your paper should be no longer than 10 pages (1-inch margins, 12 pt. font,

etc.), excluding bibliography. Include a map if appropriate.

I expect college-level grammar and spelling. If I can’t understand what you are saying, I won’t be able

to give you a good grade – make your paper easy for the professor to read! If you have any questions,

come see me and I can give you some pointers.


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